Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has partnered with local investors and the surrounding community in a tree planting initiative geared towards saving the Ol-donyo Sabuk National Park from wanton destruction. The move seeks to redeem the once-green forests on the Kilimambogo hill in Matungulu, Machakos County, which was once a major water tower for residents of the areas nearby.

Kel Chemicals Ltd was involved in a tree planting exercise in Oldonyo Sabuk National Park. Chandrabhan Chemurkar, from Kel chemicals ltd advised the locals not to destroy these natural resources, saying the degradation of forests would eventually affect their children and future generations. Kel Chemicals will also be involved in the Restoration The Ol-Donyo Sabuk National Park

He further said Kel Chemicals in conjunction with other pharmaceutical companies has launched a program to help communities and local schools plant many trees which is in line with the government’s directive on tree planting.