It is a universal NPK combination fertilizer used for all type of crops for top dressing and planting

Advantage of NPK 15:10:20

  1. KEL NPK 15:10:20 is Manufactured from its raw material and not blended. ALSO it is a product from a renowned company Kel Chemical Itd, A company with vast experience since 1985.
  2. One granule of Kel NPK will give all nutrients present in proportion unlike in BLENDED one, which is impossible to get all nutrients in a balanced proportion course they are blended with different fertilizer granules. Because of this module granule gel, one is expected to get good crop yield and the crops will be of good quality. Furthermore application quantity can be calculated as per each nutrient needed.
  3. This combination gives sufficient needed nutrients to boost Yield, Strength of granules and quality of crop. Also due to (K) present (Potassium) crops get immunity and are much more resistant to disease. Furthermore, Calcium content which is not available in other normal NPK Fertilizers is essential for maintaining continuous yield

Main Nutrient

  • Nitrogen – 15%
  • Phosphorus – 10%
  • Potassium – 20%

Micro Nutrient content

  • Baron, Copper, Iron, Zink , Manganese, Molybdenum Nickel, Chloride, Calcium