Kelphos Plus Fertilizer Is A Non-Acidifying Universal Phosphate Fertilizer, Which Can Be Applied For All Crops And On Any Type Of Soil. One Fertilizer For All!!!  It is applied prior to sowing and applying for all crops like Maize, wheat, Tea, Coffee, Rice, Sugarcane, Oil Seed, Cotton, Beetroot, Potatoes, Legumes etc.


  1. Suitable for all types of crops
  2. Cheapest source of Sulphur, which is important in the development of the root system and in gathering the nutrients from deep within the soil.
  3. It contains Calcium -It is a good soil conditioner which controls the pH level of acidic land. Also strengthens the stem of the plant helping it to absorb contents from the soil at its maximum level, making the grain strong and healthy!
  4. It contains Phosphorus [ P205] – It promotes the early formation of roots, is a boost in the form of energy for the plant, helps ripening on time, and also prevents fruits and vegetables from being rotten.
  5. It contains Sulphur -Increases the aroma, sweetening the produce. Increased nitrogen utilization, vitamin synthesis, nutrients uptake and improves root strength. It also aids in the seed development and acts as a stress and pesticide resistant. Ultimately it gives a higher crop yield!
  6. It contains NitrogenNitrogen is an essential element of all the amino acids in plant structures which are the building blocks of plant proteins, important in the growth and development of vital plant tissues and cells like the cell membranes and chlorophyll. Nitrogen is a component of nucleic acid that forms DNA, a genetic material significant In the transfer of certain crop traits and characteristics that aid in plant survival. It also helps hold the genetic code in the plant nucleus. Chlorophyll being an organelle essential for carbohydrate formation by photosynthesis and a substance that gives the plant their green color, nitrogen is a component in it that aids in enhancing these features. Nitrogen is essential in plant processes such as photosynthesis. Thus, plants with sufficient nitrogen will experience high rates of photosynthesis and typically exhibit vigorous plant growth and development

Main Nutrient Content:

  • Calcium-19%,
  • P205-17%,
  • Sulphur- 8%,
  • Nitrogen- 10%

Micro-Nutrient Content

  • Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Nickel, Chloride, Molybdenum